Mahavir Industries Mehta Trading Company

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We feel Proud to introduce Ourselves as an Manufacturer & Supplier of Fasteners–Hardware Products. We use to Undertake Manufacturing & Trading activities under one roof. As Our both the Firms i.e., M/s. Mahavir Industries & M/s.Mehta Trading Company are Sister Concerns of each other. Our Manufacturing & Supplying Products that we are Specialised in Hex Head Bolts / Screws, Hex Collar Nuts, Hex Self Locking Nuts, Square Nuts, Hex Nuts, Square Collar Nuts, Studs. / Stud with 2-Nuts, Square Head Bolts, ‘T’ – Head Bolts, Wear Segment Bolts, Chain Bolts, Coach Bolts / Carriage Bolts, Eye Bolts, Eye Nuts with Collar, Socket Head Cap Screws, Counter Sunk Head Nib Bolts, Socket CounterSunk Head Cap Screw, Slotted CounterSunk Screw, Tight Fit Bolts, Round Head Rivets, ’U’ – Bolts / Clamps, Foundation Bolts, Oval Head Bolts, Liner Bolts, ‘L’ – Hook / ‘J’ – Hook Bolts, Hammer Crusher Bolts / Round Pin, i – Bolts.

and many more as per Buyer’s Special requirement as per Drawings. Mehta Trading is a well known name as Fastener Manufacturer and Fastener Supplier. Only excellent quality products are made, manufactured and delivered by us. Our world class customer services are making a special place in the industry.

Our range of exquisite products are value for money and best in terms of quality. We are supplying our products to various companies such as Government & Semi – Government, Pvt. Ltd. & Public Ltd., Large Scale as well as Small Scale Industries for their Cement Mill,Steel Plant,Boiler, Nuclear,Construction, Engineering & Civil Projects and many more as per their Projects/Job Works .

Our Products are being supplied allover India for many years and have been getting exported as well. Our industry is equipped with state- of -art manufacturing unit for manufacturing Nut bolt Fasteners and Metal Rivets. We have all the upto-date facilities needed for manufacturing with modern machines installed. Last but not the least, with our work force of dedicated and committed individuals, We maintain a healthy work environment so as to ensure highest level of product standards. Washers : Machined Washers, Punched Washers,Plain Washers, Spring Washers,Taper Washers,Tab Washers, H.S.F.G.Washers,Seratted Lock Washers/ Star Washers(External & Internal), Brass Washers,Heavy Washers,Rubber Washers/ Round Bush/ Rubber Gram met, Cup Washer, Liver Washers, Ring Washers, Square Washers.. Nuts : H.S.F.G. Nuts, Nylock Nuts, Castle Nuts, Wing Nuts, Heavy Hex Nuts/ (Height=Diameter{H=D} Nuts), Dommed Nuts, Cap Nuts, Weld Nuts, Slotted Nuts, Hex Lock Nut.. Other Items : Self Tapping Screws, Split Pind/Cotter Pins, Circlips,Cylindrical Pins, Snap Head Rivets/ Round Head Rivets, Slotted Cheese Head Screws, H.S.F.G.Bolts, Socket Set Screws/(Grub Screws)/(Knurled Cup Point), Socket Button Head Cap Screws, Hex Wrenches, Pressure Plugs, Hammer Drive Screw, Spring Dowel Sleeve, Phillips Pan Head Screw, Parallel Keys, Plain Plugs, Round Head Machine Screws, Pan Head Screws.